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  • FIRMWARE - Browser | Magicard support
    Correct Cleaning Card for your Magicard Printer It is essential to use the correct cleaning card for your model of Magicard Printer. There are a few different ...

  • DRIVER - Magicard Enduro Printer -Single-Sided …
    Magicard Enduro– Consistently High Quality. A mainstay of Magicard's printer line up, the Enduro has always been a consistent high-quality ID badge producer.

  • FIRMWARE - Magicard Enduro+ Driver | Magicard support
    This is the latest unified driver for Magicard Enduro+ printers V2.0.25 issue 2 on Microsoft Windows operating systems. Compatible with: Windows XP / VISTA ...

  • DRIVER - Download Ultra Magicard Enduro+ ID Card Printer Driver 2.0.19 for ...
    Mar 19, 2016 ... Windows OSes usually apply a generic driver that allows computers to recognize printers and make use of their basic functions. In order to ...

  • DRIVER - Magicard Enduro3E Duo - Dual Sided …
    Magicard Enduro Duo– Consistently High Quality. A mainstay of Magicard's printer line up, the Enduro Duo is the double-sided version of the popular Magicard Enduro ...

  • FIRMWARE - Magicard Enduro Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP
    Download the latest drivers for your Magicard Enduro to keep your Computer ... Identifies & Fixes Unknown Devices; Supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP.

  • DRIVER - Magicard Enduro + ID Card Printer - …
    Single/Double-sided: The Enduro+ is a single-sided printer which can be easily field upgraded to double-sided by means of a simple drop-in upgrade kit.

  • DOWNLOAD - Magicard Windows Printer Drivers | Seagull Scientific
    Magicard Windows Printer Drivers by Seagull ... Magicard Enduro. Magicard Enduro+. Magicard MC200. Magicard Pronto. Magicard Rio Pro. Magicard Rio Pro Secure. Windows ...

  • DRIVER - driver (n.)
    "one who drives" in various senses, c. 1400; agent noun from drive (v.). Slavery sense is attested by 1796. Driver's seat is attested by 1867; figurative use by 1954.

  • DRIVER - EroDevMisc: Windows Permissions / ACLs

  • DOWNLOAD - Magicard Rio Pro 3652-0001 Card Printers - …
    Comments about Magicard Rio Pro ID Card Printer Single-Sided - Configurable: I use the Rio Pro to print image and information on peal and stick plastic cards to put ...

  • DRIVER - Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer - Essentra …
    A hand-fed Id card printer for on-demand applications. The Pronto offers high quality dye-sublimation printing at a great price. Incredibly easy to use with drop-in ...

  • DOWNLOAD - History of Windows Printer Driver Releases …
    Version 7.4.2 (Released 2016-08-08) This release includes the new driver families AIDA, AirTrack, Altec and Deli plus many new models for other printer families.

  • FIRMWARE - Canon Photo ID Rebel Camera w/TWAIN …
    Hello, thank you for visiting ID Wholesaler! Our online store is always open, but our offices are closed Friday, 12/23. We will be back Tuesday, 12/27 at 8:00 a.m. CT

  • DRIVER - Magicard Support: Technical Support for Magicard Printers
    New universal printer drivers V2.0.25 issue 1 for Windows have been released for the following printer models: Magicard Pronto Magicard Enduro+ Magicard ...

  • DOWNLOAD - Magicard Card Printer Drivers - ID Card Printer Support
    A full range of Magicard Card Printer Drivers for current and obsolete models. ... on model support for windows operating systems including: Win XP, Win 7, Win 8 . ... Magicard Enduro, v1.6.0.0, Windows 2000 / XP / VISTA / 2003 Server / 2008 ...

  • FIRMWARE - pile-driver (n.)
    1772 in literal sense, from pile (n.2) + driver. Figurative sense of "very strong hit" is recorded from 1858.

  • DRIVER - Download Ultra MagiCard Enduro+ Printer Network Admin Driver ...
    Free Download Ultra MagiCard Enduro+ Printer ... Enduro+ ID Card Printer Driver MagiCard ... Ultra MagiCard COMPATIBLE WITH: Windows XP / 2003 ...

  • DRIVER - Experience Vaults: Inhalants: Duster - The Duster Driver - 441
    An experience with Inhalants: Duster. 'The Duster Driver' by Nick

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    Own a website? Manage your page to keep your users updated View some of our premium pages: Upgrade to a Premium Page

  • DRIVER - screwdriver (n.)
    also screw-driver, "tool for driving screws," 1779, from screw (n.) + driver. Meaning "cocktail made from vodka and orange juice" is recorded from 1956. (Screwed/screwy have had a sense of "drunk" since 19c.; compare slang tight "drunk").

  • FIRMWARE - Experience Vaults: Methamphetamine - Cleaning the Windows - 22731
    An experience with Methamphetamine. 'Cleaning the Windows' by Syntar

  • FIRMWARE - trucker (n.)
    1853, "worker who moves loads using a cart;" agent noun from truck (v.2). Meaning "person who drives a motorized truck" is by 1935, a shortening of truck driver (1907).

  • DOWNLOAD - Experience Vaults: Fasting, NDE & Hospital Delirium - Hit By Drunk Driver - 62249
    An experience with Fasting, NDE & Hospital Delirium. 'Hit By Drunk Driver' by Tyler

  • DRIVER - Magicard Enduro Driver & Firmware - ID Card Printing Tutorials ...
    Here are the newest Magicard Enduro printer driver and firmware. It is important to try and use the most updated driver and firmware to take advantages of all of ...

  • DRIVER - drunk (adj.)
    past participle of drink, used as an adjective from mid-14c. in sense "intoxicated." In various expressions, such as "drunk as a lord" (1891); Chaucer has "dronke ... as a Mous" (c. 1386); and, from 1709, "as Drunk as a Wheelbarrow." Medieval folklore distinguished four successive stages of drunkenness, based on the animals they made men resemble: sheep, lion, ape, sow. Drunk driver first recorded 1948. Drunk-tank "jail cell for drunkards" attested by 1912, American English. The noun meaning "drunken person" is from 1852; earlier this would have been a drunkard.

  • DOWNLOAD - Magicard Enduro Printer Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8, 7 ...
    Magicard Enduro Printer Free Driver Download. ... Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP File Version: Version 3.6.7

  • DRIVER - Experience Vaults: DMT - What Lies Beyond the Windows - 3813
    An experience with DMT. 'What Lies Beyond the Windows' by Mithras

  • DRIVER - designated (adj.)
    past participle adjective from designate. Designated hitter introduced in American League baseball in 1973, soon giving wide figurative extension to designated, such as designated driver, by 1985.


  • DRIVER - AlphaCard Blog - Magicard printer drivers for 32 and 64-bit now ...
    May 11, 2015 ... Here are the links for the new Magicard driver downloads which operate with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows: Magicard Enduro 3e driver ...

  • DRIVER - back seat (n.)
    also back-seat, 1832, originally of coaches, from back (adj.) + seat (n.). Used figuratively for "less or least prominent position" by 1868. Back-seat driver first attested 1926.

  • DOWNLOAD - Magicard Enduro+ Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8.1, 7 ...
    Download the latest drivers for your Magicard ... Use the links on this page to download the latest version of Magicard Enduro+ drivers. ... Windows 10, Windows 8 ...

  • DOWNLOAD - Extracts - Issue 8

  • FIRMWARE - Introducing the Magicard V2 Driver - YouTube
    Jul 30, 2013 - 5 min - Uploaded by Magicard LtdLearn more at The V2 printer driver helps simplify the ... Plus-Ribbon PR ...

  • DRIVER - Sunday (n.)
    first day of the week, Old English sunnandæg (Northumbrian sunnadæg), literally "day of the sun," from sunnan, oblique case of sunne "sun" (see sun (n.)) + dæg "day" (see day). A Germanic loan-translation of Latin dies solis "day of the sun," which is itself a loan-translation of Greek hemera heliou. Compare Old Saxon sunnun dag, Old Frisian sunnandei, Old Norse sunnundagr, Dutch zondag, German Sonntag "Sunday." In European Christian cultures outside Germanic often with a name meaning "the Lord's Day" (Latin Dominica). Sunday-school dates from 1783 (originally for secular instruction); Sunday clothes is from 1640s. Sunday driver is from 1925.

  • FIRMWARE - Magicard ID Card Printers
    Windows 8 (64 Bit) (4) Windows Server 2003 ... Windows XP (18) Magicard ID Card Printers ... Magicard Enduro Single to Dual side upgrade module ...

  • DOWNLOAD - CHIR 13#8

  • FIRMWARE - Download Magicard Enduro Driver - BarcodesInc
    ... Printer › Magicard Enduro › Magicard Enduro Driver. Magicard Enduro Driver. Download drivers for the Magicard Enduro ID Card Printer: magicard_driver.exe ...

  • DRIVER - slave (n.)
    late 13c., "person who is the chattel or property of another," from Old French esclave (13c.), from Medieval Latin Sclavus "slave" (source also of Italian schiavo, French esclave, Spanish esclavo), originally "Slav" (see Slav); so used in this secondary sense because of the many Slavs sold into slavery by conquering peoples. This sense development arose in the consequence of the wars waged by Otto the Great and his successors against the Slavs, a great number of whom they took captive and sold into slavery. [Klein] Meaning "one who has lost the power of resistance to some habit or vice" is from 1550s. Applied to devices from 1904, especially those which are controlled by others (compare slave jib in sailing, similarly of locomotives, flash bulbs, amplifiers). Slave-driver is attested from 1807; extended sense of "cruel or exacting task-master" is by 1854. Slave state in U.S. history is from 1812. Slave-trade is attested from 1734. Old English Wealh "Briton" also began to be used in the sense of "serf, slave" c.850; and Sanskrit dasa-, which can mean "slave," apparently is connected to dasyu- "pre-Aryan inhabitant of India." Grose's dictionary (1785) has under Negroe "A black-a-moor; figuratively used for a slave," without regard to race. More common Old English words for slave were þeow (related to þeowian "to serve") and þræl (see thrall). The Slavic words for "slave" (Russian rab, Serbo-Croatian rob, Old Church Slavonic rabu) are from Old Slavic *orbu, from the PIE root *orbh- (also source of orphan), the ground sense of which seems to be "thing that changes allegiance" (in the case of the slave, from himself to his master). The Slavic word is also the source of robot.

  • DOWNLOAD - Magicard Enduro ID card Printer - EasyBadges
    Magicard Enduro ID Card Printer with Low Cost Guarantee and Lifetime Support

  • FIRMWARE - : Email Announcement #8
    Archive of the Erowid Announcement List message #8, August 20, 1999.

  • DRIVER - fenestral (adj.)
    late 14c., "pertaining to windows," from Old French fenestral, from fenestre "window," from Latin fenestra (see fenestration).

  • DRIVER - Windows 8 enduro drivers download - enduro Windows 8 driver ...
    Windows 8 enduro drivers download ... provides the necessary installation files of Ultra Magicard Enduro+ ID Card Printer Driver version 2.0.19.

  • FIRMWARE - Online Books : "Mushroom Pioneers" - Ch 8
    Mushroom Pioneers by John W. Allen (full text) Ch 8

  • FIRMWARE - one-way (adj.)
    1906, in reference to travel tickets; 1914 in reference to streets; 1940 in reference to windows, mirrors, etc.; from one + way (n.).

  • DOWNLOAD - Magicard Enduro+ (V2) Drivers Download for Windows 7, 8, XP ...
    Use the links on this page to download the latest drivers for your Magicard Enduro+ (V2 ... USBPRINT\Magicard_Enduro+BB51. ... Devices Designed for Windows 8 ...

  • FIRMWARE - Experience Vaults: H.B. Woodrose - Tapping on the Windows of the Infinite - 9810
    An experience with H.B. Woodrose. 'Tapping on the Windows of the Infinite' by Drayke

  • DRIVER - carter (n.)
    "cart-driver," late 12c., from Anglo-French careter, and in part an agent noun from cart (v.).

  • FIRMWARE - PiHKAL #44 2C-T-8

  • FIRMWARE - cabbie (n.)
    also cabby, "cab-driver," 1859, from cab (n.) + -ie. Also see taxi (n.).

  • DRIVER - Pronto Desktop ID card printer | Magicard
    ... the Magicard Pronto's small ... The Pronto is supplied with four predefined watermarks that can be easily selected from the printer driver. ... Windows XP ...

  • FIRMWARE - Psychoactive Vaults : Media #8
    Australia: Syndnew Morning Herald, 'The real drug war: Why the US won't let Australia reform its drug laws' - July 19, 1997

  • DOWNLOAD - turnbuckle (n.)
    also turn-buckle, 1703, "catch or fastening for windows and shutters," from turn (v.) + buckle (n.). Meaning "coupling with internal screw threads for connecting metal rods" is attested from 1877.

  • FIRMWARE - Drivers for Magicard Enduro - Sciologness
    Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8: Download Drivers Installer: Magicard Enduro: Drivers List. 2 drivers are found for 'Magicard Enduro'.


  • DOWNLOAD - fenestration (n.)
    1870 in the anatomical sense, noun of action from Latin fenestrare, from fenestra "window, opening for light," a word perhaps from Etruscan. Meaning "arrangement of windows" as a design element in architecture is from 1846. Related: Fenestrated.

  • FIRMWARE - Magicard Enduro Drivers Download for Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista
    In our share libs contains the list of Magicard Enduro drivers all ... Update PC Drivers Automatically Identify & Fix Unknown Devices Designed for Windows 8 ...

  • FIRMWARE - About Erowid : Erowid Extracts #8
    Erowid Extracts Issue #8, June 2005.

  • DOWNLOAD - airship (n.)
    also air-ship, 1819, from air (n.1) + ship (n.). From 1888 as a translation of German Luftschiff "motor-driver dirigible."

  • DOWNLOAD - Magicard Enduro driver - DriverDouble
    Latest download for Magicard Enduro driver. Improve your pc peformance with this new update. ... Magicard Enduro driver is a windows driver .

  • FIRMWARE - Psilocybin Mushroom Vault : Safe-Pik Guide : P. cyanescens #8
    Safe-Pik Mushroom Identification Guide - Psilocybe cyanescens #8

  • FIRMWARE - sumpter (n.)
    c. 1300, "driver of a pack horse," from Old French sommetier "pack-horse driver," from Vulgar Latin *sagmatarius "a pack horse driver," from Late Latin sagmat- "a pack, burden," stem of sagma "packsaddle," from Greek sagma, probably related to sattein "to pack, press, stuff." Used from mid-15c. of horses and mules for carrying loads.

  • DRIVER - Magicard 3633-3002 Enduro 3E Uno Printer - ID Wholesaler
    Magicard 3633-3002 Enduro 3E Uno ID Card ... The Magicard Enduro 3E printer driver is available in several ... 32- & 64-bit), Windows 8 (32- & 64-bit) & Windows ...

  • DRIVER - Psilocybin Mushroom Vault : Safe-Pik Guide : P. stuntzii #8
    Safe-Pik Mushroom Identification Guide - Psilocybe stuntzii #8

  • DOWNLOAD - Maecenas
    "a generous patron of literature or the arts," 1560s, from name of Gaius Clinius Maecenas (died 8 B.C.E.), Roman patron of Horace and Virgil.

  • FIRMWARE - Rio Pro ID and Smart Card Printer | Magicard
    The easy-to-use driver interface also enables you to fine-tune ... Magicard Rio Pro with ... Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10 (32 and 64bit) Windows server 2003 ...

  • DOWNLOAD - Psilocybin Mushroom Vault : Safe-Pik Guide : Poisonous #8
    Safe-Pik Mushroom Identification Guide - Galerina veneata #1

  • FIRMWARE - eavesdropper (n.)
    mid-15c., with agent-noun ending + Middle English eavesdrop, from Old English yfesdrype "place around a house where the rainwater drips off the roof," from eave (q.v.) + drip (v.). Technically, "one who stands at walls or windows to overhear what's going on inside."

  • DOWNLOAD - Ultra Magicard Card Printer Driver Download
    Ultra Magicard Card Printer Driver ... Windows 8 x64 Windows 8.1 ... Magicard Enduro (V2) Magicard Enduro+ (V2) Magicard Enduro3E ...

  • FIRMWARE - Psilocybin Mushroom Vault : Safe-Pik Guide : Assorted #8
    Safe-Pik Mushroom Identification Guide - Psilocybe stuntzii #11

  • DOWNLOAD - story (n.2)
    "floor of a building," c. 1400, from Anglo-Latin historia "floor of a building" (c. 1200), also "picture," from Latin historia (see history). "Perhaps so called because the front of buildings in the Middle Ages often were decorated with rows of painted windows" [Barnhart].

  • FIRMWARE - Magicard 3633-3002 Enduro 3E Uno Printer + Mag Stripe Encoding
    ... Lifetime Support + FREE SHIPPING on Magicard 3633-3002 Enduro 3E Single-Sided Printer + Mag Encoding. Shop ... Magicard Systems. Pronto Systems; Enduro Systems ...

  • FIRMWARE - Psilocybin Mushroom Vault : Safe-Pik Guide : P. pelliculosa #8
    Safe-Pik Mushroom Identification Guide - Psilocybe pelliculosa #8

  • FIRMWARE - awning (n.)
    1624, origin uncertain (first recorded use is by Capt. John Smith), perhaps from Middle French auvans, plural of auvent "a sloping roof," "itself of doubtful etym[ology]" (OED). A nautical term only until sense of "cover for windows or porch" emerged 1852.

  • DOWNLOAD - DriverHive Details for Magicard Enduro Driver
    DriverHive Database Details for Magicard Enduro Driver. Device Manufacturer: Ultra Electronics Card Systems Ltd. ... Download Driver: Windows 8/Windows Server 2012 ...

  • FIRMWARE - Psilocybin Mushroom Vault : Safe-Pik Guide : P. semilanceata #8
    Safe-Pik Mushroom Identification Guide - Psilocybe semilanceata #8

  • FIRMWARE - motorist (n.)
    "motor-car driver," 1896, from motor- + -ist. Earlier as a name for electric railway drivers (1889). Other early alternatives included motorneer. "Motorer" we have given our reasons for rejecting, and there only remains "motorist" or a compound like "motor-man" or "motor-driver." Mr. C.P.G. Scott, the etymologist of the Century Dictionary, strongly favors "motor-man" or "motor-driver," though he would not object to "motorist" and prefers it above any other single word. ["Electric Power," October 1889]

  • FIRMWARE - Magicard Enduro3E ID Card Printer - AlphaCard
    Magicard Enduro ID Card Printers; ... Magicard Enduro3E Overview. Printing Capability: ... 32 bit Windows 7 - 64 bit Windows 8 - 32 bit Windows 8 - 64 bit Windows 10 ...

  • DRIVER - Psilocybin Mushroom Vault : Safe-Pik Guide : P. baeocystis #8
    Safe-Pik Mushroom Identification Guide - Psilocybe baeocystis #8

  • FIRMWARE - Jehu
    "fast, skillful driver," 1680s, from Jehu, a king of Israel in the Old Testament, who "driveth furiously" (II Kings ix.20). Sometimes also a generic name for "a coachman."

  • DOWNLOAD - Magicard Enduro+ ID Card Printer
    Magicard Enduro ID Card Printers ... The Magicard Enduro+ is an innovative ID card ... and waves) which are selectable from the printer driver. When used with ...

  • DRIVER - Psychoactive Vaults : Journal Article #8
    Structure-Activity Relationships of the Classic Hallucinogens and Their Analogs., by P. Jacobs III and A.T. Shulgin.

  • DRIVER - Auriga
    northern constellation, from Latin auriga "a charioteer, driver," from aureae "bridle of a horse" (from os, genitive oris, "mouth;" see oral) + agere "set in motion, drive, lead" (see act (n.)).

  • DOWNLOAD - Magicard 3633-3022 Enduro 3E Duo Printer - ID Wholesaler
    Magicard 3633-3022 Enduro 3E Duo ID Card ... 7 (32- & 64-bit), Windows 8 (32- & 64-bit) & Windows ... find the latest Enduro 3E drivers and firmware - Magicard Enduro ...

  • DRIVER - Chapter 8 - Ecstacy and Eve

  • DRIVER - muleteer (n.)
    "mule driver," 1530s, from Middle French muletier, from mulet "mule," a diminutive formation replacing Old French mul as the word for "mule" in French (see mule (n.1)).

  • DRIVER - Magicard Enduro3E Card Printer - IDEXPERTS®
    ... the Magicard Endure 3E Card Printer has arrived, ... XPS Driver: No: Windows XP: Yes: Windows Vista: Yes: Windows 7: Yes: Windows 8.1: Yes: Windows Server: 2000 ...

  • DRIVER - PII: S0166-4328(00)00333-8

  • FIRMWARE - taxi (v.)
    1911, of airplanes, from slang use of taxi (n.) for "aircraft," or from or reinforced "in allusion to the way a taxi driver slowly cruises when looking for fares" [Barnhart]. Related: Taxied; taxiing.

  • DRIVER - Drivers for Magicard Enduro+ - Sciologness
    Magicard Enduro+: Drivers List. 2 drivers are found for 'Magicard Enduro+'. ... Windows 7 32bit, Windows 8 32bit: News. Meet an Overclocked GTX 980 AMP!

  • DRIVER - PII: 0013-4686(94)80092-8

  • DOWNLOAD - Horace
    masc. proper name, from French, from Latin Horatius, name of a Roman gens. The poet was Quintus Horatius Flaccus (65-8 B.C.E.). The form Horatio is influenced by the Italian version of the name, Orazio.

  • DOWNLOAD - Magicard Enduro3E Card Printer - BarcodesInc
    Many tens of thousands of Enduro series printers have been commissioned since ... Magicard Enduro3E Card Printer ... Driver compatibility includes Windows 8, ...

  • DOWNLOAD - PII: S0379-0738(02)00291-8

  • DOWNLOAD - minie ball (n.)
    kind of rifle bullet, 1853, named for its inventor, French army officer Claude-Étienne Minié (1814-1879), who designed it 1847-8.

  • DOWNLOAD - Magicard Rio Pro ID Card Printer - EasyBadges
    Magicard Enduro 3E ID Card Printer; Magicard Rio Pro ID Card Printer; Magicard Prima 4 ... Software drivers- Built in USB and Ethernet connection with Windows 8, 7 ...

  • DRIVER - PII: S0040-4039(99)02330-8

  • DRIVER - sepoy (n.)
    "native of India in British military service," 1717, from Portuguese sipae, from Urdu sipahi, from Persian sipahi "soldier, horseman," from sipah "army." The Sepoy Mutiny was 1857-8.

  • FIRMWARE - Magicard Enduro 3E id cardprinter with USB and Ethernet
    Magicard Enduro 3E id card ... Driver compatibility includes Windows 8, ... with four pre-defined watermarks that can be easily selected from the printer driver.

  • DRIVER - Online Books : "PIHKAL" - #8 ARIADNE
    Entry #8 ARIADNE from PiHKAL by Alexander & Ann Shulgin.

  • FIRMWARE - Silver Star
    U.S. military decoration awarded for gallantry in action, originally (1918) a small badge worn on the ribbon of a campaign medal; as a distinct medal, it was established Aug. 8, 1932.

  • DOWNLOAD - IDCardWorld Home
    Magicard Enduro and Rio Pro. Ultra ID ... Compatibility: Windows XP, VISTA, 2003 Server, 2008 Server, Windows 7, 2012 Server, Windows 8 (driver operates with 32 and ...

  • DRIVER - Experience Vaults: Cannabis, St John's Wort & Alcohol - My Eyes Were Like Windows, My Body A Shell - 45571
    An experience with Cannabis, St John's Wort & Alcohol. 'My Eyes Were Like Windows, My Body A Shell' by Steve

  • FIRMWARE - hit-and-run (adj.)
    1940, in reference to military raids, etc., from hit (v.) + run (v.). As a noun phrase, Hit and run is from 1899 as a baseball play, 1924 as a driver failing to stop at an automobile accident he caused.

  • DOWNLOAD - studio (n.)
    1819, "work-room of a sculptor or painter," usually one with windows to admit light from the sky, from Italian studio "room for study," from Latin studium (see study (v.)). Motion picture sense first recorded 1911; radio broadcasting sense 1922; television sense 1938. Studio apartment first recorded 1903.

  • DOWNLOAD - Wiffle
    hollow, perforated plastic ball, registered trademark name (The Wiffle Ball Inc., Shelton, Connecticut, U.S.), claiming use from 1954. According to the company, designed in 1953 by David N. Mullany "in response to a lack of field space and numerous broken windows by his baseball-playing son," the name based on whiff (q.v.), baseball slang for a missed swing.

  • FIRMWARE - clerestory (n.)
    early 15c., probably from clere "clear," in a sense "light, lighted" (see clear (adj.)), and story (n.2), though this sense of that word is not otherwise found so early. Originally the upper part of the nave, transepts, and choir of a large church; so called because pierced with windows. Related: Clerestorial.

  • DOWNLOAD - pro-life (adj.)
    "opposed to abortion," first attested 1976, from pro- + life. Hostile alternative anti-choice attested 1978 in Ms. magazine (see pro-choice). What hypocrisy to call such anti-humanitarian people 'pro-life.' Call them what they are -- antichoice. ["Ms.," Oct. 8, 1978]

  • DRIVER - gimmick (n.)
    1910, American English, perhaps an alteration of gimcrack, or an anagram of magic. In a hotel at Muscatine, Iowa, the other day I twisted the gimmick attached to the radiator, with the intention of having some heat in my Nova Zemblan booth. ["Domestic Engineering," January 8, 1910]

  • DOWNLOAD - gee (interj.)
    exclamation of surprise, 1895, probably euphemistic for Jesus. Form gee whiz is attested from 1871; gee whillikens (1851) seems to be the oldest form. As a command to a horse to go, 1620s, Scottish. It had a particular sense as a teamster's command: "go to the right (or off) side of the driver." Extended form gee-up is from 1733, the second element said by OED to be hup.

  • FIRMWARE - phaeton (n.)
    type of light four-wheeled carriage, 1742, from French (1735), from Greek Phaethon name of the son of Helios and Clymene, who tried to drive his father's sun-chariot but crashed after almost setting fire to the whole earth. His name is literally "shining," from phaein "to shine, gleam," from phaos "light" (see fantasy). Earlier as a name for a reckless driver (1590s).

  • DRIVER - shotgun (n.)
    1821, American English, from shot (n.) in the sense of "lead in small pellets" (1770) + gun (n.). As distinguished from a rifle, which fires bullets. Shotgun wedding first attested 1903, American English. To ride shotgun is 1963, from custom of having an armed man beside the driver on the stagecoach in Old West movies to ward off trouble.

  • DRIVER - Fort Sumter
    military installation in South Carolina, U.S., begun in 1827, named for U.S. Revolutionary War officer and Congressman Thomas Sumter (1734-1832), "The Carolina Gamecock." The family name is attested from 1206, from Old French sommetier "driver of a pack horse" (see sumpter). The U.S. Civil War is held to have begun with the firing of rebel batteries on the government-held fort on April 12, 1861.

  • DOWNLOAD - pig-headed (adj.)
    also pigheaded; 1756, "having a head resembling a pig;" 1788 as "obstinate;" see pig (n.) + head (n.). Usually, but not always, figurative. A pig-headed man must be one, who, like a driven pig, always will do exactly the opposite to what other people--in the case of the pig his luckless driver--wish him to do, that is to say he is an obstinate man. ["The Sedberghian," June 1882]

  • FIRMWARE - Jacquerie (n.)
    "French peasantry," 1520s, from Middle French jacquerie "peasants or villeins collectively" (15c.), from Jacques, the proper name, which is used as Jack is used in English, in the sense of "any common fellow." So it also means "the rising of the northern French peasants against the nobles in 1357-8," from a French usage. Etymologically, Jacques is from Late Latin Iacobus (see Jacob).

  • DOWNLOAD - omega
    c. 1400, from Medieval Greek omega, from classical Greek o mega "big 'o' " (in contrast to o micron "little 'o' "); so called because the vowel was long in ancient Greek. From mega (see mega-). The final letter of the Greek alphabet, hence used figuratively for "the last, final" of anything (as in Revelations i.8).

  • DRIVER - August
    eighth month, 1097, from Latin Augustus (mensis), sixth month of the later Roman calendar, renamed from Sextilis (literally "sixth") in 8 B.C.E. to honor emperor Augustus Caesar, literally "Venerable Caesar" (see august (adj.)). In England, the name replaced native Weodmonað "weed month." One of two months given new names to honor Roman emperors (July being the other), the Romans also gave new imperial names to September (Germanicus) and October (Domitian) but luckily these did not stick.

  • FIRMWARE - screen (n.)
    mid-14c., "upright piece of furniture providing protection from heat of a fire, drafts, etc.," probably from a shortened (Anglo-French? compare Anglo-Latin screna) variant of Old North French escren, Old French escran "fire-screen" (early 14c.), perhaps from Middle Dutch scherm "screen, cover, shield," or Frankish *skrank "barrier," from Proto-Germanic *skerm- (source also of Old High German skirm, skerm "protection," from PIE *(s)ker- (1) "to cut" (see shear (v.)). Meaning "net-wire frame used in windows and doors" is recorded from 1859. Meaning "flat vertical surface for reception of projected images" is from 1810, originally in reference to magic lantern shows; later of movies. Transferred sense of "cinema world collectively" is attested from 1914; hence screen test (1918), etc. Screen saver first attested 1990. Screen printing recorded from 1918.

  • DRIVER - actor (n.)
    late 14c., "an overseer, guardian, steward," from Latin actor "an agent or doer; a driver (of sheep, etc.)," in law, "accuser, plaintiff," also "theatrical player, orator," from past participle stem of agere "to set in motion, drive, drive forward," hence "to do, perform," also "act on stage, play the part of; plead a cause at law" (see act (n.)). In English from mid-15c. as "a doer, maker," also "a plaintiff at law." Sense of "one who performs in plays" is 1580s, originally applied to both men and women. Related: Actorish; actorly; actory.

  • FIRMWARE - agitator (n.)
    1640s, agent noun from agitate (v.); originally "elected representative of the common soldiers in Cromwell's army," who brought grievances (chiefly over lack of pay) to their officers and Parliament. Political sense is first recorded 1734, and negative overtones began with its association with Irish patriots such as Daniel O'Connell (1775-1847). Historically, in American English, often with outside and referring to people who stir up a supposedly contented class or race. Latin agitator meant "a driver, a charioteer."

  • FIRMWARE - chauffeur (n.)
    1896, originally "a motorist," from French chauffeur, literally "stoker," operator of a steam engine, French nickname for early motorists, from chauffer "to heat," from Old French chaufer "to heat, warm up; to become hot" (see chafe). The first motor-cars were steam-driven. Sense of "professional or paid driver of a private motor car" is from 1902. The '95 Duryea wagon, which won the Chicago contest Fall, was exhibited at the Detroit Horse Show last week. Charles B. King, treasurer of the American Motor League, acted as "chauffeur," as the French say. ["The Horseless Age," April 1896]

  • DOWNLOAD - engineer (n.)
    mid-14c., enginour, "constructor of military engines," from Old French engigneor "engineer, architect, maker of war-engines; schemer" (12c.), from Late Latin ingeniare (see engine); general sense of "inventor, designer" is recorded from early 15c.; civil sense, in reference to public works, is recorded from c. 1600 but not the common meaning of the word until 19c (hence lingering distinction as civil engineer). Meaning "locomotive driver" is first attested 1832, American English. A "maker of engines" in ancient Greece was a mekhanopoios.

  • DRIVER - D-day (n.)
    1918, "date set for the beginning of a military operation," with D as an abbreviation of day; compare H-hour, also from the same military order of Sept. 7, 1918:The First Army will attack at H-Hour on D-Day with the object of forcing the evacuation of the St. Mihiel salient. [Field Order No. 8, First Army, A.E.F.]"They designate the day and hour of the operation when the day and hour have not yet been determined, or where secrecy is essential" [U.S. Army Center of Military History Web site]. Now almost exclusively of June 6, 1944.

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