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    DIGITALCAMERAS. Disney · Disney's Frozen HD Action Camera · Hello Kitty Camera with Changing Faceplates · Nickelodeon · Teenage Mutant Ninja ...

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  • DOWNLOAD - digital (adj.)
    1650s, "pertaining to fingers," from Latin digitalis, from digitus (see digit). Meaning "using numerical digits" is from 1938, especially of computers after c. 1945; in reference to recording or broadcasting, from 1960. Related: Digitize.

  • DOWNLOAD - Sakar Camera Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista
    Below is a list of our most popular Sakar Camera product support software drivers. To download, select the Model Name/Number of your device, then click the Download ...

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    2 Introduction Thank you for purchasing this camera. Everything you need to take quality digital photos and videos is included with your camera.

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    Keychain Digital Still Camera (assorted colors): 11199 Take photos with this tiny keychain camera. The Digital Concepts Keychain Digital Camera can be used to take ...

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    Camera Adapter Rings & Tubes · Camera Bags & Cases · Camera ... Digital Cameras & Web Cams · Digital Music (MP3) Players · Digital Photo Frames · Digital ...

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    Camera reviews, ratings, user reviews, and prices at CNET. Find the Camera that is right for you

  • FIRMWARE - camera (n.)
    1708, "vaulted building," from Latin camera "vaulted room" (source of Italian camera, Spanish camara, French chambre), from Greek kamara "vaulted chamber." The word also was used early 18c. as a short form of Modern Latin camera obscura "dark chamber" (a black box with a lens that could project images of external objects), contrasted with camera lucida (Latin for "light chamber"), which uses prisms to produce on paper beneath the instrument an image, which can be traced. It became the word for "picture-taking device" when modern photography began, c. 1840 (extended to television filming devices 1928). Camera-shy is attested from 1890. Old Church Slavonic komora, Lithuanian kamara, Old Irish camra all are borrowings from Latin.

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    ACCESSORIES COMPUTER ACCESSORIES DIGITAL CAMERAS ELECTRICAL ... CAMERAS. ALL SAKAR ... Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Sakar Empower Young Girls with Launch of DC ...

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    Rating: 3 - 5 reviewsDigital Camcorder Silver; 3 in 1/ Digital Camera Video PC-Web; Compact Size/ Built-in Microphone; Snap N Share Software; Upload to You Tube Facebook and ...

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    Camera manuals and free digital camera pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at ManualsOnline.

  • FIRMWARE - camera obscura (n.)
    1725, "a darkened room;" c. 1730, "a device for project pictures;" see camera.

  • FIRMWARE - sakar digital camera
    1-16 of 2,192 results for "sakar digital camera" Sakar 25070 Green 2.1MP Digital Camera. by Sakar $ 19 10 Prime. Only 16 left in stock - order soon. More Buying Choices.

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    Save Big On Open-Box & Pre-owned: Buy "Sakar 98378 Digital Camera Blue” from Amazon Warehouse Deals and save 59% off the $19.99 list price. Product is ...

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    Rating: 2 - 1 vote - $29.28 - In stockBuy Sakar Frozen HD Digital 5.1 Megapixel Digital Camera at

  • FIRMWARE - off-camera (adj.)
    1944, from off (adv.) + camera.

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    Sakar Nerf 2.1MP Digital Camera Kit. ShippingPilot. Sakar Other Camera Accessories See All Sakar Other Camera Accessories $ 6. 99. Sakar Neoprene SLR Strap. ShippingPilot

  • DOWNLOAD - bicameral (adj.)
    "having two chambers," 1832, from bi- "two" (see bi-) + Late Latin camera "chamber" (see camera) + -al (1).

  • DOWNLOAD - Sakar Digital Cameras | eBay
    Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Sakar Digital Cameras. Shop with confidence on eBay!

  • DOWNLOAD - unicameral (adj.)
    1853, from uni- "one" + Late Latin camera "chamber" (see camera) + -al (1).

  • DOWNLOAD - chamber (n.)
    c. 1200, "room," usually a private one, from Old French chambre "room, chamber, apartment," also used in combinations to form words for "latrine, privy" (11c.), from Late Latin camera "a chamber, room" (see camera). In anatomy from late 14c.; of machinery from 1769. Gunnery sense is from 1620s. Meaning "legislative body" is from c. 1400. Chamber music (1789) was that meant to be performed in private rooms instead of public halls.

  • FIRMWARE - Sakar 3-in-1 Digital Camera - Red and Silver - Sakar ...
    Buy Sakar 3-in-1 Digital Camera - Red and Silver - Capture memories or create new ones with this 3-in-1 Digital Camera.

  • DRIVER - comrade (n.)
    1590s, "one who shares the same room," from Middle French camarade (16c.), from Spanish camarada "chamber mate," originally "chamberful," from Latin camera (see camera). In Spanish, a collective noun referring to one's company. In 17c., sometimes jocularly misspelled comrogue. Related: Comradely; comradeship.

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    Shop all Sakar products - Choose from a huge selection of Sakar products from the most popular online stores at Shop.

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    Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Sakar Digital Cameras. Shop with confidence on eBay!

  • DOWNLOAD - cam (n.2)
    abbreviation of camera, by 1990.

  • DRIVER - camber (n.)
    1610s, nautical term, from Old French cambre, chambre "bent," from Latin camurum (nominative camur) "crooked, arched;" related to camera.

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    Digital Blue and Sakar InternationalCamera reviews, ratings, user reviews, and prices at CNET. Find the Digital Blue and Sakar InternationalCamera that is right for you

  • DOWNLOAD - chamberlain (n.)
    early 13c., from Old French chamberlenc "chamberlain, steward, treasurer" (Modern French chambellan), from a Germanic source (perhaps Frankish *kamerling; compare Old High German chamarling, German Kämmerling), from Latin camera "chamber, room" (see camera) + Germanic diminutive suffix -ling.

  • DRIVER - camcorder (n.)
    1982, from camera and recorder.

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    REVIEWS on Sakar Digital Cameras from verified customers at

    1983, acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface.

  • DOWNLOAD - SAKAR 26480 USER MANUAL Pdf Download.
    View and Download Sakar 26480 user manual online. Digital Camera with Water Resistant casing. 26480 Digital Camera pdf manual download.

  • DOWNLOAD - pda
    by 1992, initialism (acronym) for personal digital assistant.

  • DRIVER - Sakar International - Camera Reviews - CNET
    Sakar InternationalCamera reviews, ratings, user reviews, and prices at CNET. Find the Sakar InternationalCamera that is right for you

    1995, initialism (acronym) from Digital Video Disc, later changed to Digital Versatile Disc. Earlier this year, electronics giant Toshiba positioned the first DVD players available in the U.S. as a home entertainment unit (retail price $600). ["Black Enterprise" magazine, June 1997]

  • FIRMWARE - Sakar Digital Camera - Red - Read expert reviews ... - Epinions
    Sakar Digital Camera - Red THIS CAMERA IS TERRIBLE!!!! Worst Camera EVER Bought Sakar Kidz Cam Last Year Save your money

  • DRIVER - panoramic (adj.)
    1813; see panorama + -ic. Panoramic camera is attested from 1878.

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    Camera digital sakar - 828 results from brands Sakar, Vivitar, Digital Concepts, products like Sakar 8.1-Megapixel Digital Video Camera Binoculars with Flip-Up Color ...

  • DOWNLOAD - Kodak
    brand of hand-held camera, arbitrary coinage by U.S. inventor George Eastman (1854-1932), U.S. trademark registered Sept. 4, 1888. In 1890s, practically synonymous with camera and also used as a verb (1891). Kodachrome, registered trademark for a method of color photography, 1915; the product was discontinued in 2006.

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    Find great deals on Sakar digital camera Digital Cameras, including discounts on the Sakar 92022 VGA Digital Camera - Star Wars - Digital camera - compact - 0.3 Mpix.

  • FIRMWARE - pan (v.2)
    "follow with a camera," 1913 shortening of panoramic in panoramic camera (1878). Meaning "to swing from one object to another in a scene" is from 1931. Related: Panned; panning.

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    Online shopping for Electronics from a great selection of Interchangeable Lens Cameras, Point & Shoot Digital Cameras, Point & Shoot Digital Camera Bundles & more at ...

  • DRIVER - cider (n.)
    late 13c., from Old French cidre, cire "pear or apple cider" (12c., Modern French cidre), variant of cisdre, from Late Latin sicera, Vulgate rendition of Hebrew shekhar, a word used for any strong drink (translated in Old English as beor, taken untranslated in Septuagint Greek as sikera), related to Arabic sakar "strong drink," sakira "was drunk." Meaning gradually narrowed in English to mean exclusively "fermented drink made from apples," though this sense also was in Old French.

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    Find great deals on eBay for sakar camera. Shop with confidence.

  • FIRMWARE - analogue (n.)
    1826, "an analogous thing," from French analogue (adj. and n.), from Latin analogus (adj.), from Greek analogos "proportionate, according to due proportion," from ana "throughout; according to" (see ana-) + logos "ratio, proportion," a specialized use (see logos). The word was used in English in Greek form (analogon) in 1810. Meaning "word corresponding with another" is from 1837. Computing sense, in reference to operating with numbers represented by some measurable quantity (as a slide-rule does; opposed to digital) is recorded from 1946.

  • FIRMWARE - Sakar camera | Compare Prices at NexTag
    Sakar camera - 1413 results from brands Sakar, Vivitar, Digital Concepts, products like Sakar 8.1-Megapixel Digital Video Camera Binoculars with Flip-Up Color LCD ...

  • DOWNLOAD - ante-room (n.)
    also anteroom, "small room giving access to a larger," especially a waiting room for visitors, 1762, literally "a room in front;" after French antichambre, Italian anticamera, from Latin ante "before" (see ante-) + camera (see chamber (n.)).

  • FIRMWARE - chimney (n.)
    late 13c., "furnace;" early 14c., "chimney stack of a fireplace;" late 14c., "fireplace in a residential space;" from Old French cheminee "fireplace; room with a fireplace; hearth; chimney stack" (12c., Modern French cheminée), from Late Latin (camera) caminata "fireplace; room with a fireplace," from Latin caminatus, adjective of caminus "furnace, forge; hearth, oven; flue," from Greek kaminos "furnace, oven, brick kiln." Jamieson [1808] notes that in vulgar use in Scotland it always is pronounced "chimley." Chimney sweep attested from 1610s, earlier chimney sweeper (c. 1500).

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    Find great deals on Sakar Digital Camera Accessories, including discounts on the .

  • FIRMWARE - Instamatic
    1962, proprietary name (reg. Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, New York) for a type of self-loading camera, from instant + automatic.

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    The Sakar Digital Concepts KIT-1337 is a wide and telephoto lens kit for small video cameras. The 37mm wide angle and telephoto le... ns set includes rings for 27, 28 ...

  • DOWNLOAD - projector (n.)
    1590s, "one who forms a project," agent noun in Latin form from project (v.). In the optical, camera sense it is from 1884.

  • DOWNLOAD - Sakar Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista
    Sakar Drivers Download by Sakar International Inc. Finding the correct driver for your device has never been ... Sakar iconcepts Digital Camera (Windows 7) [USB] ...

  • DRIVER - selfie (n.)
    "photograph taken by pointing the camera at oneself," by 2005, said to be in use by 2002, from self + -ie.

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    Digital imaging; Action Cameras; LifeLogging Cameras; Drones; Dash Cams; ... Support Search the website; Social media profiles. Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; YouTube ...

  • FIRMWARE - telephoto (adj.)
    also tele-photo, 1898, shortened form of telephotographic (1892), in reference to lenses introduced at that time to increase the magnification of photographs taken by a camera, from tele- + photographic.

  • DOWNLOAD - Lumiere (adj.)
    in reference to the early color photography process, from the names of French brothers Auguste (1862-1954) and Louis (1864-1948) Lumière, photographers who pioneered the movie camera. The name is literally "light, lamp."

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    Shop BH's in stock, large inventory for fast shipping, great service and everyday low prices on Sakar. For more info, please call 800-947-4415

  • FIRMWARE - photostat (n.)
    1909, a type of copying machine (trademark Commercial Camera Company, Providence, R.I.) whose name became a generic noun and verb (1914) for "photocopy;" from photo- + stat.

  • DRIVER - Read expert reviews on digital camera Digital ...
    Digital_Cameras - 87 results like Sakar 55mm UV Filter Sakar Digital Concepts 77mm Filter Kit with Uv Protection, Polarizer, & Fluorescent Daylight Filters and Filter ...

  • DOWNLOAD - Polaroid (n.)
    material which in thin sheets produces a high degree of plane polarization of light passing through it, 1936, proprietary name (Sheet Polarizer Co., Union City, N.J.). As a type of camera producing prints rapidly, it is attested from 1961.

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    Compare 11 Sakar Digital Cameras products in Cameras at SHOP.COM, including Kids' Digital Camera with 2.1 Megapixels, Several Characters Available, Vivitar DVR 787 HD ...

  • DRIVER - clapper (n.)
    late 13c., agent noun from clap (v.). Meaning "tongue of a bell" is from late 14c. Old English had clipur. Meaning "hinged board snapped in front of a camera at the start of filming to synchronize picture and sound" is from 1940.

  • DOWNLOAD - Vivitar
    Digital imaging; Action Cameras; LifeLogging Cameras; Drones; Dash Cams; GoPro Accessories; ... Vivitar It's getting dark outside, but your photos don't have to suffer.

  • DOWNLOAD - shooting (n.)
    Old English scotung, verbal noun from shoot (v.). Sports sense from 1885; film camera sense by 1920. Shooting gallery is from 1836; shooting match is from 1750. Shooting star first recorded 1590s (shoot (v.) with reference to meteors is from late 13c.).

  • DRIVER - fear (v.)
    Old English færan "to terrify, frighten," from a Proto-Germanic verbal form of the root of fear (n.). Cognates: Old Saxon faron "to lie in wait," Middle Dutch vaeren "to fear," Old High German faren "to plot against," Old Norse færa "to taunt." Originally transitive in English; long obsolete in this sense but somewhat revived in digital gaming via "fear" spells, which matches the old sense "drive away by fear," attested early 15c. Meaning "feel fear" is late 14c. Related: Feared; fearing.

  • FIRMWARE - cinema (n.)
    1899, "a movie hall," from French cinéma, shortened from cinématographe "motion picture projector and camera," coined 1890s by Lumiere brothers, who invented it, from Latinized form of Greek kinemat-, comb. form of kinema "movement," from kinein "to move" (see cite) + graphein "to write" (see -graphy). Meaning "movies collectively, especially as an art form" recorded by 1914. Cinéma vérité is 1963, from French.

  • DRIVER - finger (n.)
    "terminal or digital member of the hand" (in a restricted sense not including the thumb), Old English finger, fingor "finger," from Proto-Germanic *fingraz (source also of Old Saxon fingar, Old Frisian finger, Old Norse fingr, Dutch vinger, German Finger, Gothic figgrs "finger"), with no cognates outside Germanic; perhaps connected with PIE *penkwe-, the root meaning "five." As a unit of measure for liquor and gunshot (late Old English) it represents the breadth of a finger, about three-quarters of an inch. They generally are numbered from the thumb outward, and named index finger, fool's finger, leech- or physic-finger, and ear-finger.

  • DRIVER - computer (n.)
    1640s, "one who calculates," agent noun from compute (v.). Meaning "calculating machine" (of any type) is from 1897; in modern use, "programmable digital electronic computer" (1945 under this name; theoretical from 1937, as Turing machine). ENIAC (1946) usually is considered the first. Computer literacy is recorded from 1970; an attempt to establish computerate (adjective, on model of literate) in this sense in the early 1980s didn't catch on. Computerese "the jargon of programmers" is from 1960, as are computerize and computerization. WASHINGTON (AP) -- A New York Congressman says the use of computers to record personal data on individuals, such as their credit background, "is just frightening to me." [news article, March 17, 1968]

  • DRIVER - text (n.)
    late 14c., "wording of anything written," from Old French texte, Old North French tixte "text, book; Gospels" (12c.), from Medieval Latin textus "the Scriptures, text, treatise," in Late Latin "written account, content, characters used in a document," from Latin textus "style or texture of a work," literally "thing woven," from past participle stem of texere "to weave, to join, fit together, braid, interweave, construct, fabricate, build," from PIE root *teks- "to weave, to fabricate, to make; make wicker or wattle framework" (see texture (n.)). An ancient metaphor: thought is a thread, and the raconteur is a spinner of yarns -- but the true storyteller, the poet, is a weaver. The scribes made this old and audible abstraction into a new and visible fact. After long practice, their work took on such an even, flexible texture that they called the written page a textus, which means cloth. [Robert Bringhurst, "The Elements of Typographic Style"] Meaning "a digital text message" is from 2005.

  • FIRMWARE - freak (n.1)
    1560s, "sudden and apparently causeless turn of mind," of unknown origin. Perhaps it is from a dialectal survival of a word related to Middle English friken "to move nimbly or briskly," from Old English frician "to dance" [OED, Barnhart]. There is a freking attested in mid-15c., apparently meaning "capricious behavior, whims." Or perhaps from Middle English frek "eager, zealous, bold, brave, fierce" (see freak (n.2)). Sense of "capricious notion" (1560s) and "unusual thing, fancy" (1784) preceded that of "abnormally developed individual or production" (first in freak of nature, 1839, which was later popular in variety show advertisements for bearded ladies, albinos, etc.; compare Latin lusus naturæ, which was used in English from 1660s). As "drug user," attested from 1945. The sense in health freak, ecology freak, etc. is attested from 1908 (originally Kodak freak, a camera buff). Freak show attested from 1887.

  • FIRMWARE - roll (v.)
    c. 1300 "turn over and over, move by rotating" (intransitive); late 14c. as "to move (something) by turning it over and over;" from Old French roeller "roll, wheel round" (Modern French rouler), from Medieval Latin rotulare, from Latin rotula, diminutive of rota "wheel" (see rotary). Related: Rolled; rolling. Of sounds (such as thunder) somehow suggestive of a rolling ball, 1590s; of a drum from 1680s. Of eyes, from late 14c. Of a movie camera, "to start filming," from 1938. Sense of "rob a stuporous drunk" is from 1873, from the action required to get to his pockets. To roll up "gather, congregate" is from 1861, originally Australian. To be on a roll is from 1976. To roll with the punches is a metaphor from boxing (1940). Heads will roll is a Hitlerism:If our movement is victorious there will be a revolutionary tribunal which will punish the crimes of November 1918. Then decapitated heads will roll in the sand. [1930]

  • DRIVER - shot (n.)
    Old English scot, sceot "a shot, a shooting, an act of shooting; that which is discharged in shooting, what is shot forth; darting, rapid motion," from Proto-Germanic *skutan (source also of Old Norse skutr, Old Frisian skete, Middle Dutch scote, German Schuß "a shot"), related to sceotan "to shoot" (see shoot (v.)). Meaning "discharge of a bow, missile," also is from related Old English gesceot. Extended to other projectiles in Middle English, and to sports (hockey, basketball, etc.) 1868. Another original meaning, "payment" (perhaps literally "money thrown down") is preserved in scot-free. "Throwing down" might also have led to the meaning "a drink," first attested 1670s, the more precise meaning "small drink of straight liquor" by 1928 (shot glass by 1955). Camera view sense is from 1958. Sense of "hypodermic injection" first attested 1904; figurative phrase shot in the arm "stimulant" first recorded 1922. Meaning "try, attempt" is from 1756; sense of "remark meant to wound" is recorded from 1841. Meaning "an expert in shooting" is from 1780. To call the shots "control events, make decisions" is American English, 1922, perhaps from sport shooting. Shot in the dark "uninformed guess" is from 1885. Big shot "important person" is from 1861.

  • FIRMWARE - monitor (n.)
    1540s, "senior pupil at a school charged with keeping order, etc.," from Latin monitor "one who reminds, admonishes, or checks," also "an overseer, instructor, guide, teacher," agent noun from monere "to admonish, warn, advise," which is related to memini "I remember, I am mindful of," and to mens "mind," from PIE root *men- (1) "to think" (see mind (n.)). The type of lizard so called because it is supposed to give warning of crocodiles (1826). Meaning "squat, slow-moving type of ironclad warship" (1862) so called from name of the first vessel of this design, chosen by the inventor, Swedish-born U.S. engineer John Ericsson (1803-1889), because it was meant to "admonish" the Confederate leaders in the U.S. Civil War. Broadcasting sense of "a device to continuously check on the technical quality of a transmission" (1931) led to special sense of "a TV screen displaying the picture from a particular camera."

  • DOWNLOAD - soft (adj.)
    Old English softe, earlier sefte, "gentle, mild-natured; easeful, comfortable, calm, undisturbed; luxurious," from West Germanic *samfti, from Proto-Germanic *samftijaz "level, even, smooth, gentle, soft" (source also of Old Saxon safti, Old High German semfti, German sanft; and from a variant form with -ch- for -f-, Middle Dutch sachte, Dutch zacht, German sacht), from root *som- "fitting, agreeable." From c. 1200 of material things, "not stiff, not coarse, fine; yielding to weight." From late 14c. of wind, rain, etc. Of sounds, "quiet, not loud," from early 13c. Of words, "mild, restrained; courteous" mid-14c. From late 14c. as "indulgent," also "physically feeble; easily overcome, lacking manly courage." From 1755 of water ("relatively free from mineral salts"), from 1789 of coal. Meaning "foolish, simple, silly" is attested from 1620s; earlier "easily moved or swayed; soft-hearted, sympathetic; docile" (early 13c.). In reference to drinks, "non-alcoholic" from 1880. As an adverb, Old English softe "gently;" late 13c. as "quietly." As an interjection from 1540s. Soft landing is from 1958 and the U.S. space program. Adjective soft-core (in reference to pornography) is from 1966 (see hardcore). Soft rock as a music style is attested from 1969. Soft sell is from 1955. Soft-shoe as a dancing style is attested from 1927. Soft-boiled is from 1757 of eggs; of persons, ideas, etc., 1930 (compare half-baked). Soft-focus (adj.) of camera shots is from 1917. The softer sex "women collectively" is from 1640s.

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